ADN Administrators provides specialized employee benefit programs to assist employers, unions and associations offer quality benefits to their employees and members.

We started in 1995 by creating a local dental network at the request of a single school district. We now offer self-funded dental administration to over 250 schools, including that very first client.

A partner company asked us to figure out a solution to help municipalities and unions provide better retiree health care to their over 65 members. From that conversation, ADN Legacy Solutions was born, using partial self-funding of certain Medicare Advantage Plans to save 30% and more while improving the benefit level to retirees.

Most recently, we were asked if there was a way to help employers, unions and associations who don’t offer retiree health benefits transition their retirees to the correct Medicare Program on an individual basis. We are proud to have launched ADN Medicare Solutions, helping retirees find the right plan at the right cost for their individual needs.

We are proud that our company has grown simply by listening to the needs of those around and developing creative, useful solutions to meet those needs. We invite you to explore our solutions by clicking a link below:

Let ADN Administrators show you smarter choices for greater savings in your dental plan.

As the largest independent dental PPO in Michigan, we offer access to over 4,000 of the best Providers in the state and many more in other states.

While focusing on reducing these fixed costs but still maintaining the required benefit levels, ADN has created a solution that incorporates the use of certain no-cost Medicare Advantage plans and having the employer self-fund the benefit differential for the post 65 retirees.